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Terms of use, for Exclusive Escorts
Sales, delivery and user, advertiser, visitor terms for this website 

Owner and legal names of this website

When you use or pay for a service on Exclusive Escort, or make registration, create user or advertiser account, or just visit the site, you do at the same time accept our "Terms". 

User accounts: 
Its FREE to make and use a user account. 

Advertising Ads are private: 
Your ad is private, this means only you may use it, you may not change person on your ad. If you do, it becomes a fake ad, as you cannot change your ad name, so if you are SANDRA, you cannot change the ad name to something else, and you cannot use SANDRA's ad and just upload new pictures of some other person!! 
Don't break the rules, we delete ads that break the rules! 


If you do we will: 

1. Deleted pictures from the ad or user account. 
2. You will be offline until new pictures are uploaded. 
3. You will be given 1 warning in your costumer center, be forced to read it so there is no way you can say you did not get it! 
4. Upload fake pictures again and we will delete your ad, and you will lose: your settings, stats, payments, reviews, blogs, all bookmarks from users, all blog subscriptions.. Everything will be lost!

So please don't upload fake pictures. 

(Of course you can then if you like make a new ad, and start from scratch. 
New ad, new payment, new everything!) 

Our admin and supporter can give you warnings if you break the rules! 
1. You will be given 1 warning in your costumer center, be forced to read it so there is no way you can say you did not get it! 
2. Maybe if its a small offense You will be given 1 more warning in your customer center, be forced to read it so there is no way you can say you did not get it! 
3. If you keep breaking the rules, we will, delete or block your account. any and all settings will be lost. 

Tone and respect, be professional: 
In any of the open forums we have, like your ad text, you blog, or review reply's from advertisers, or user sending review, commenting on blogs or reviews, writing to support. 
You will always behave, speak nice, the truth, and be polite. 
If not you are breaking our rules, see below what happens to rule breakers. 

Age Restrictions: 
At the time or registration, account creation, payment for advertising, during the time of photography (if photo/image is uploaded to site), you her by confirm you are 18 years of age or older. 

All prices are inclusive VAT or Service fee if nothing else is told, and we reserve the right for rising prices, monetary changes, force majeure, tax changes, fees, vat, typos, etc. at any time. 

Delivery Advertising: 
Delivery happens right away over the Internet, or after the payment is received for example through the bank to bank transfer. Your ad will be online right away if it has been approved before. If it's a new ad you create, we have to approve it before it comes online. 
You get the period you paid for, if you buy 30 days advertisement, you will get 30 days from the moment we approve the ad. 1 day is from midnight to midnight, if you book at noon you will only have 12 hours advertising the first day! 

Right of cancellation advertisers: 
Exclusive Escort will offer a full refund, if you within 1 hours from the time of purchase, regret that you bought the service. In that case, we will give you a full refund, and the money will be transferred back to your bank account or credit card. 
Use your costumer center mailbox on your ad to write to support and request money back. your message will be time stamped, so you can prove you requested it before the 1 hour limit was up. 

Website accessibility: 
Because our business is based on an online service on the internet, it's very important that the website and the server are available 24 hours a day. 

Should it, for any reason, happen that the server is offline we will add 2 free days to your service for every 1 day the service is not online. 

What you put online, you are responsible for!: 
Please read this and understand, anything you add to the site, text, video, pictures, images, information ANYTHING! 
You have the responsibility for yourself! And you give Exclusive Escort full right to use it on the website and Exclusive Escort network, for as long as we want to. 

You take full responsibility for everything you upload, don't violate others copyright, you are at all times 100% responsible for everything you add to the site. 

If you break our rules you will be given 1 maybe 2 warnings. Break them again, we will deleted your ad/user account. Any and all settings, payments, stats will be lost! 

Exclusive Escort can and will NEVER be hold responsible for any of your acts. 

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  • You can change and decide what pictures
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  • You can create blogs that the members on the site can subscribe to.

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