What are Priority ads?

Priority ads are namely those ads on the website which are displayed at different areas on the page.

Your priority ad will be placed prominently in front of other general ads.

Check below, you will find some key positions where the ads will be placed

Go to the region page, after completing the filling the basic details, you get the option of selecting priority ads on the random basis.

(Random here means that each time the page refreshes and loads its content you will see 2 new ads in the list)

Priority Ads

Suppose someone selects your selected region, soon your ad will be listed above the general ads.
When someone is searching you ad will be listed on the top.

Priority Ads in Search

Check the right side of the page and in every page, 2 areas on the page are selected on random basis. (Random selection refers to automatic loading of two new ads each time you reload the page)
Suppose someone tries to find an ad which is no longer there in the site, it might have been deleted or removed for some reason we inform the reason behind removing the ad and also demonstrate the ways of selecting ads on random basis from the list of priority ads situated at the end of the page. (Random selection refers to automatic loading of two new ads each time you reload the page)

Tips of arranging the ad

Select you ad and then click on the payment option. Now spend to purchase few Priority days as per your preference. After selecting go to the travelplan and now include then to those days you would like to display your priority ad.

You have to pay 1 priority day for each region. Thus, if you choose 3 regions on the day, you may further choose to include priority to other ads or all regions.
Suppose you get the second position. You will be there till someone in front of you discontinues the position and moves ahead. Don't panic you will never go below to your current position. You will remain at the second place since you have booked the Priority ad for the particular ad.
Now keep your mouse firmly on the Check box and check the position appears. You will know the position of your ad and quickly get into the particular region on that day itself.
So, never waste time. Book as many days you want. Book the ads today, because the sooner you seize the place, you will get better place. Per region you only have 35 priority ads. So hurry.