What are Category ads?

What do you understand by the term Category ad?

Category ad is a type of advantage which you buy to get a better position on the first page. Your ad will be confirmed posted on the front page.

(Such Categories are, namely: Girls, Couples, TV –TS, Clubs etc)

(This picture is selected from the category girls)

Category Ads

Now, select your ad and click on the payment options. Finally purchase some Category days and go to the travelplan option. Here add the days you have selected for being on the Category ads page.

To check your selected position, just hold the mouse on the checkbox [x]

Look at the given image

Imagine you have been assigned the 3rd position. You will be there till the person before you removes his ad. Only then you will get a better rank. You will not go beyond the 3rd position. You may stay there for long and wait for a move after booking the Category ad.

Thus, remember to select as many days possible. Book the ad today to enjoy special privileges. Remember, if you book early you will get your desired position.

In each Category only 6 ads are available.